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Electrical panels and circuit breakers do NOT protect you from surges. They only protect you from overcurrent. Surges occur when the amount of electricity is too great and it overflows through an electrical wire and device. Adding a whole house electrical surge protection in Parker can save you money, time, and your valuable data stored in those devices. 

If you are looking to protect more than your computer outlet, there are larger surge protection devices that protect your entire home. Whole house surge protectors are installed directly into your main panel box or fuse box. They work by diverting large voltage amounts directly into the ground instead of through your home circuitry.

Whole home surge protection is very affordable for the amount of protection it provides. Pro Electrician Parker is highly qualified to install these type of systems for your home and business and we highly recommend it!


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This picture shows a home electrical surge protection in Parker

Why Add Whole House Surge Protection?

Many people don’t protect themselves from surges because they don’t happen very often. While not normally able to physically harm individuals, the biggest pain comes from damaged or lost computer data.

Lightning strikes can cause surges. Surges can also be sent by the electric company from the electrical grid. Electric transformer malfunctions may send surges into your home. Finally, appliances may send small surges in your home when they are turned on.

If your digital data or working appliances are important to you, you should protect your entire home from surges. Surges damage the electrical circuit boards in your devices and appliances. This can cause the device or appliance to completely stop working. In the instance of computer devices, data loss is the biggest concern.

What about the Surge Protector Power Strip?

There are several surge protection devices to protect your home from electrical surges. The “surge protector” power strip for your computer is very common and can be purchased in any electronics store. However, remember that it will only help to protect whatever is plugged into that strip. If you value your appliances and rather have them all protected then risking to lose then due to a surge, call our expert electrician Parker  for more info and a FREE no obligation quote on a whole house surge protection Parker CO.

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