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Our team at PRO Electrician Parker can service businesses in and around Parker. Over the years, we have completed various commercial jobs for commercial companies locally. With our experience and skill, we are able to provide fast and effective electrical services at a low cost. Moreover, our hourly rate for commercial electrician in Parker is very competitive.

Whether you are looking to solve an electrical problem, or do an upgrade on your business electrical system, we understand that your time is valuable. Time without electricity can disrupt a business and affect revenue. That is one of the reasons why we emphasize communication and coordination of our services so well. Our crew is quick and effective on the job and we know that is one of the reasons Parker business’ owners like to work with us for their commercial projects.

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Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

Often times, what appears to be the problem is not the main problem. Diagnose and troubleshoot to recommend the best solutions is key. Much like a disease, we have to treat the cause and not just the symptom. Our equipment and skills will allow us to clear different parts of your electrical.
For more about electrical repairs and maintenance in Parker visit our page.

Light Fixture Installation

Different businesses will demand for different types of lighting. For example, a store representing a modern look will probably match well with a lot of bright recessed lights. A classier store or an charming hotel may go better with some pendant lights and chandeliers. The same goes for a restaurant. It is all about the personality and ambience you are trying to create in your business. Let’s not forget the electricity bill. A lot of Parker business owners are upgrading to LED lights for huge savings. Ask us more about light fixture installation in Parker.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Most business owners have both air conditioning and ceiling fans. Air conditioning cools down the temperature, while ceiling fans help to keep the cool air circulating. As a result the room temperature stays more constant with less work on the air conditioning system. That in turn saves electricity costs. Ceiling fans can also look very trendy if you are looking to create a particular style. Feel free to visit our page for more info about ceiling fan installation in Parker CA.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

The reasons to do a residential electrical panel upgrade in Parker are similar for commercial panels. First, you may consider upgrading a commercial electrical panel if it is damaged and affecting your current system. Second, you will look into it if the current amperage is not supporting the amount of appliances you need to run. In general, commercial businesses need a lot more power than residences. Therefore, there are unique situations that are likely to affect business owners more than homeowners. Here is a list of usual reasons for commercial electrical panel upgrades:

  • Remodeling or additions made to the business.
  • Dedicate an electrical circuit to a specific set of electronic devices (e.g. computers)
  • Ensure all appliances and devices operate at full power consistently
  • Requirement of new panel by an insurance company.
  • No longer use so many extension cords
  • Upgrade from a fuse block without a main breaker (very unsafe, should be upgraded ASAP)

Circuits and Wiring

Residential and commercial wiring are usually not the same. They can deliver different amount of power, plus may be organized differently too. We do complete electrical rewiring as well as rewiring for new construction. Those are the two opportunities to do things right, safely, and minimize chances for problems over the years. Moreover, PRO Electrician Parker will help you with the city permits.
For more info about our electrical house wiring in Parker, check out our dedicated page.

Surge Protection

Surge protection is an option for businesses who have sensitive information stored in their devices. Or for companies who have very expensive devices that would cost a lot to replace in case damage. Electrical surges can cause permanent damage to the electrical system of electronic devices. An electrical surge protection will protect the entire electrical system from the event of surges. You can read more about this service on electrical surge protection in Parker.

Sauna, Jacuzzi, and Hot Tub Wiring

If you are looking to add a jacuzzi, a sauna, or a hot tub in your company, you will need to have an expert connecting the wiring. Call us to check out your plans and request a FREE estimate.

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From business to business, we understand you want a quick, effective, and affordable service. We do the best we can to provide that, plus we guarantee 100% satisfaction on our jobs. We don’t cut corners on any of our work and materials we use. Give us a call or submit the form for a FREE Quote today!

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