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Electrical repairs in Parker often vary significantly in how simple or complicated they are. Some repairs are simple such as fix a loose outlet. While other repairs may involve more complicated steps such as an electrician to upgrade the main electrical panel. That can happen if the panel cannot handle the current amount of appliances that you have running from it. To properly fix the problem, we always recommend any homeowner to hire an electrician to check the entire electrical system. Even if the problem seems small. Hiring a handyman may seem enough, but often times they are not able to provide you with the right options. Moreover, they may not keep your electrical system up to code, which may cause you problems later on.

Common Electrician Repairs in Parker:

  • Fix lights flickering
  • Fix main panel tripping
  • Fix sparks and shorts
  • Fix warm outlets
  • Fix wiring
  • Fix burning smells
  • Fix and replace burnt outlets

We can repair outlets, wiring, main panel, subpanel, light fixtures, and more.

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We recommend analysis and recommendation from experienced and honest electricians such as ourselves. A cheap repair done by an unqualified repairman may turn into bigger problems and bigger costs later on. We provide FREE quotes for electrical repairs in Parker.

This picture shows an outlet and electrical repair in Parker

Outlet Repair

Doing outlet repair is common. The mystery is to find out why you need to repair the outlet. Is the outlet loose? Does it have exposed wires? Is it hot or shows sights of burn? Or it does not work? And why is that happening?

While replacing an outlet is a simple task, doing so does not mean that you solved the problem. There could be another issue that explains why the outlet stopped working. That is the problem which ultimately needs to be fixed. When you call PRO Electrician Parker for a problem, we run the tests and look at the entire system to ensure that the problem is addressed correctly and not just hidden until it reoccurs again.

Repair The Main Panel

Electrical Panel Repair in Parker and Nearby Cities

Doin and electrical panel repair in Parker is not very common. It is rarely even noticed unless your appliances stop working! Solving panel issues aren’t always as easy to identifying a tripped breaker. Here are electrical situations where you should have your electric panel looked at:

Tripping Circuit Breakers

If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, it’s a sign that something’s wrong. There are many causes such as the wiring, appliance, and the electrical panel. It can of course be the circuit breaker too, but this is not usually the case.

Flickering Lights

This can be a sign of overloaded circuits, a wiring issue, or possibly an overactive appliance. Appliances use more electricity initially when turned on than if they’ve been running for a while. If your panel isn’t working properly, these appliances may pull current from other parts of the house, such as from your lights.

Hot Electric Panel

Circuit breakers trip to stop heat build up. If you feel heat coming from your panel, then the circuit breaker has a problem or even worse. Call your electrician to diagnose!


You should never hear sizzling, crackling, or buzzing sounds from your electrical panel! These sounds indicate wiring or a circuit breaker problem leading to fires and even electrocution!

Electrical issues in your home can escalate quickly. Don’t take them lightly! If you notice any of these problems in your home, call an electrician immediately. We know all about electrical panels at Pro Electrician Parker. Contact us now for your free quote and assessment.

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