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Electrical Sub Panel Installation Parker CO

Do you need an electrical sub panel in Parker? Not everyone needs one. A sub panel, looks and works just like a regular electrical panel. It moves one of your circuits to another panel and helps to control that portion of your home’s electricity. The top reasons people consider them are for space, convenience, and efficiency.

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Install a New Panel or a Sub Panel?

We can answer this question by thinking about the root of the problem. How old is your circuit breaker box? Is it tripping? Are the lights dimming perhaps due to too many appliances? If you answer yes to any of the above questions you may need a new electrical panel and maybe an upgrade. If you are looking for an electrician to upgrade the electrical panel in Parker we would love to help you out.

Conversely, are you looking to distribute electricity to a particular area of your home or business?  Most people find that helpful with garages, room additions, upstairs levels, and multiplexes. Just be aware that it will not add extra electricity to the circuit. Call us for more information and a FREE quote.

This picture shows a sub panel installation in Parker, CO. It shows two subpanels right next to the main electrical panel.

Top Reasons to Add a Sub Panel

1. Efficiency: A sub panel will better distribute electricity usage in the area it powers and will function better than a far away electrical panel. A garage where electrical tools are used or an exterior AC condenser may be good locations for needing a sub panel in your home.

2. Space: An electrical panel box has a limited amount of spaces for circuit breakers. If you run out of space in your original breaker box, you’ll need a sub panel to add more circuits.

  • Double Tapping: This is a poor practice of connecting 2 wires to a circuit breaker when an electrical panel runs out of space. Double tapping is a short cut and a dangerous practice because it can cause an overloaded circuit. Overloaded circuits may cause fires or other electrical accidents! If you believe one of your circuits are double tapped, you should get it fixed by an electrician.

3. Convenience: Convenience revolves around heavy electrical devices being close to its circuit breaker. Having a work space is not usually the only reason to need a sub, but sub panels are often installed in high electricity usage areas for this benefit.
A better example for installing a sub panel for convenience reasons occurs when a user is not able to reach the main circuit breaker box. When there is only one electrical meter for a duplex house, there may also be only one electrical panel. If one resident can’t reach that main panel, then having a sub panel installed in their unit makes a lot of sense.

Sub panels are usually installed for specific reasons and are not needed for everyone. At Pro Electrician Parker we can easily tell you if this is right for you. Contact us for a free estimate.

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Our crew of Parker electricians is capable of safe and quick sub panel installations for residences or commercial properties. You can call us for more information and a FREE no obligation quote.  We provide free quotes for Centennial, Parker, Aurora, Castle Rock, Englewood and Highlands Ranch.

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What is the difference between a Panel and Sub Panel?

A sub panel is much like a circuit within a circuit. Think of it as a sub division in your electrical system. Conversely, the main panel is the most important one, everything depends on it. It is the one that distributes all the circuits in your home, while connects it to the power from the electric company.

Furthermore, there is only one main circuit breaker box. There could be none or multiple sub panels. If you want to know more or are ready to schedule an electrical sub panel installation in Parker fee free to call our experts for assistance.