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Pro Electrician Parker has been growing over the years to be the best local electrical company in Parker and nearby cities. As you can tell by our brand name, our Parker electrician and his crew are licensed, knowledgeable, and experienced. We are the “Pros” for both residential and commercial electrical services. Our skills range from electrical maintenance and repairs, new light installations, outlets, GFCI, subpanels, circuit breaker upgrades, writing, and amperage conversions. From the simplest to the tough ones.

We are your go-to electrician in Parker CO as we can handle small and big electrical projects. In our practice, we like to educate our customers about what the problem is, what needs to be done, and why. Unlike other Parker electricians, we spend the extra time to lay out the best options, pros, and cons. We give you accurate estimates for all and have you choose the best decision possible. This is particularly important for big projects such as complete house rewiring or recurring electrical problems such as with your panel. Because of our high customer satisfaction, we are able to continue operating at very affordable prices for our electrical services in the Douglas County CO.

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Our crew takes safety seriously and further complies with the CDC Guidelines regarding COVID-19 practices and precautions. We use sanitizers, protective equipment, and enforce social distancing as much as possible in our jobs.

Our Services

This picture shows light installation in Parker

Indoor Light Fixture Installation

Recessed lights, track lights, vanity, under cabinet lights, and surface-mounted fixtures. Don’t forget dimmers to create the perfect ambiance and save some money on your monthly electricity bill.

This image shows outdoor lighting in Parker

Outdoor Lighting

Beautiful landscape lights to give value to your garden in Douglas county. We also install outdoor lighting for pool and SPA, and motion-controlled lights.

This image shows house fans and exhaust fans in Parker

Whole house fans and Exhaust Fans installation

Cool down and save money with efficient ceiling fans for whole house. We will guide you to make sure you pick one that lasts and actually saves you money on electricity bills. Same for bathroom exhaust fans.

This picture shows panel upgrade and subpanel installation in Parker

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Are your breakers older than 20 years? Is the panel corroded or overheating? Are you planning on major renovations or room additions? If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, you should look into a panel upgrade in Parker.

This picture shows a subpanel installation in Parker

Subpanel Fix, Install, or Replace

Add a sub panel to organize and distribute the power to a specific area of your home or business. As such, it is commonly done for home additions, garages, and other buildings on the same property.

This picture shows a wiring electrician

Wiring, Remodel and New Construction

Wiring is the core of our job. As Parker electrical contractors we do a full service from designing the circuit to wiring the way it needs to be done. The goals is to be the most cost effective, safe, durable, and compliant with the code.

This picture shows whole house surge protection in Parker

Surge Protection

How valuable are our appliances and date stored in them (computer, hard drive, phone, etc)? If losing is a problem, protecting it from electrical surges is the next step. We can do a whole circuit surge protection for your home or business.

This image shows a commercial electrician in Parker

Commercial Services

From commercial electric repairs and maintenance to tenant improvements and lighting controls installation. Further experience with wiring for big commercial projects.

Affordable Electrician Parker and Nearby Cities

We are so proud to be one of the most affordable electricians in Parker CO, without sacrificing the quality and standards of our work and materials. Unlike other Parker electricians, we treat you like a family and friend. Basically, we what we recommend to you is the same as if we were recommending to our loved ones. In like manner, we will have no problem to refer you to someone else if somehow we feel that what needs to be done supersedes our capabilities.

This picture shows an electrical repair in Parker. The electrician is fixing a wire in the ceiling.

Electrical Repairs

We have been providing electrical repairs and maintenance in Parker and nearby cities for years! From homeowners, business owners, tenants, and property managers. The most common repairs and maintenance services include bathroom exhaust fans, tripping breakers, broken lamps or outlets, and GFCIs.
Never ignore an electrical problem! Not only it can put your safety a great risk, as it will increase your monthly electricity bill and potentially turn into a bigger expense to fix. Our team is great at diagnosing and will save you money on the long run. Call us today!

Electrical Installations

Our Parker electrician installs various equipment with the purpose to either fix a problem or add function or value to your home/business. For indoor lighting, track and reassessed light installation in Parker are great examples of the current trends. These simple installations can totally revamp the way your kitchen looks and add significant value to it should you sell your home. Outdoor lighting is also a popular service and further adds value to any property.

This picture shows multiple light installation in Parker CO. Track light above the kitchen island, and an impressive chandelier.
This picture shows new wires in new construction by PRO Electrician Parker. Wiring done in nearby city of Centennia.

Electrical Remodeling, Wiring, New Construction

Are you considering a business or home remodel? If so this is the perfect opportunity to do everything right from scratch, including your electrical system. Working with a Parker electrical contractor becomes essential for such a project.

Remodeling Electrician in Parker and Nearby Cities

Our remodeling electrician in Parker CO has all the experience you need. From design from scratch to full renovations and complete house rewiring. We work with contractors who are well known in the community and have successfully completed many projects and improvements. To begin we will ask you what appliances you own and what others you plan on buying. Another important aspect to know is how and where you use them. We always try to customize the wiring as much as possible to these details to decrease costs and maximize function.

Rest assured, Pro Electrician Parker follows the local and national electrical codes such as The National Electrical Code (NEC). When working with us on big projects such as new construction and wiring, choose a company you can trust. Call us today, let’s connect to design and implement your electrical system the way it should be!

Electrical Upgrades

Electrical panel upgrade Parker is a common service. Either because the current power capacity is no longer enough, or because it is old and corroded. Wiring upgrade is also common. It is the same for commercial electrical upgrades. If your panel is over 30 years old, it may no longer protect your system from short-circuits and over-currents. Call us today for a free quote on electrical upgrades in Parker and Douglas county.

This picture shows a panel upgrade in Parker CO

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We have grown into one of the most reputable electrical contractors in Parker CO. We thank you and the local community for continuing to trust us to handle their electrical needs. We are pleased that you consider us and would love to hear from you. We will give our best advice and a FREE no-obligation quote.

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Reputable Electrical Contractors in Parker, Aurora, Castle Rock, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, and Englewood CO

We are top-rated electrical contractors in Douglas County including Aurora, Castle Rock, Englewood, Centennial, and Highlands Ranch CO. It all began as a small family company getting business from returning customers and word of mouth. We are growing, training new crew, and expanding our electrical services throughout the Douglas County. We surely maintain and reinforce our values and work ethic which brought us where we are now:

✔  Licensed and insured electricians
✔  Knowledge, skills, and experience
✔  Reliability and honesty every time
✔  Transparent pricing
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This picture shows electrical contractors in Parker, Centennial, Aurora, Stonegate, Castle Rock, Englewood, Highlands Ranch, and nearby cities.

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